Product Web Browsers Support (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) - i.LON and SmartServer 2.2 web page problems (KB930)

This KB shows what Web browsers are supported by the following i.LON and SmartServer 2.2 products. 

This KB article doesn't apply to the SmartServer IoT.


This is not a complete list and other browser versions including newer releases may also work.

 Older products may not support the latest Web browser versions.  For these products you will need to upgrade to the latest software or use the newer product.

Note, some reported web page issues, making changes through the web page or errors messages shown in the i.LON Web page, are due to using the wrong Web Browser with the i.LON or with Web Browser cached web pages.


Supported Web Browser:

 1. SmartServer IoT

Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

 2. i.LON 600

Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE11.

For older versions of i.LON 600s software: 1.0 through 1.0 SP7

See KB956 for more details.

IE6, IE7, and IE8, older IE 11 (version 11.0.9600.16428 using IE7 emulation mode), and Mozilla FireFox (3.0 or higher, with the IETab plugin) 

IE11 requires IE7 emulation (older versions of IE11 work but newer versions do not): In IE go to "Settings > F12 Developer mode > Emulation menu [looks like desktop PC]", set Document mode to "7", and User agent string = "Internet Explorer 7". These settings do not get stored, so keep the F12 Developer window open during the entire time you use IE11.

3. SmartServer 2.2  SP3 (4.07.018):

IE8 - IE11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome 16+, Firefox 9+, and Safari 5.1+.

4. SmartServer 2.2 (4.06.048, SmartServer 2.0 SP4  + 2.2 U1):

IE8-IE11 (works with early version of IE11 not the latest), Chrome 16+, Firefox 9+, and Safari 5.1+.

5. SmartServer 2.0 (4.04.119 + U1, SP2 U1) :

IE9+,  Chrome, and Firefox.

 6. i.LON SmartServer 1.0

 IE7 and IE8.

 7.  i.LON 100 e3:

IE7, IE8 (may need compatibility mode) , IE11 (compatibility view) and FireFox 3.5

 8. i.LON 100 e2:

IE6 and IE7.

9. i.LON 10 

IE6, and Firefox 2.0.


Notes: Internet Explorer (IE)

a. If the Web page doesn't look correct then delete the IE temporary Internet files "Settings > Internet Options > General Tab" click the Browsing History "Delete" button and then refresh (F5) the web page.

b. IE11 compatibility view allows you see older product web pages. Go to the i.LON web page.   Click the IE11 settings button (upper-right corner), select Compatibility View setting.  Make sure the i.LON IP address is in the “Add this website” text box and click “Add” to save. 

c.  IE "Tools > F12 Developer mode" "Browser Mode" allows you to configure the web browser to temporarily simulate an older IE version.

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