Using 2 stop bits on FT5000

The FT-5000 UART does not support two stop bits.  However, the Neuron C compiler allows you to use the “twostopbits” keyword in an SCI declaration.  The keyword is essentially ignored and the UART will generate only one stop bit on transmit.  Note that the receiver will work fine with two stop bits whether this keyword is used or not. 


Now, say you actually need to generate two stop bits.  What would you do?  By incorporating the attached code into your application, you can introduce at least one additional bit time between SCI frames thus essentially creating two stop bits.  Note that because the timing is not exact, occasionally a third stop bit will be output.  The attached code is set up for 19200 baud.  A comment in the code describes how to make it work for 9600 baud (search for “9600 baud”).  Contact Technical Support if there is a need for two stop bits at rates other than 9600 or 19200.

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