Opening or Closing a Support Ticket (KB901)

Welcome to the EnOcean Support Portal.  

Before opening a support ticket it is recommended that you check existing Knowledge Base (KB) articles to see if we already have an answer to your question or problem.

You can search by Category or by using the search feature at the top of the Support Portal web page. Important KBs are listed below the KB Categories.

Note: Screenshots need to be save in attachments.

To open a ticket:

1. Sign up for a Support Help Center account if you don't already have one.

Please include your company contact information (Company name, address, phone number) with your first ticket.

2. Log into the Support Portal using the "Sign in" button

3. Click the "Submit a request" button to create a Support ticket.

  • Make sure you are already logged in otherwise your ticket will be suspended for security reasons. 
  • For Suspended tickets, click the link in the "Please verify your request" email sent to you so that we can start processing your ticket request.
  • Some Spam filters may filter out the "Please verify your request" email so if you don't see the Ticket in "My Activities" and you don't see the "Please verify your request" then check your spam filter.  If you still don't see an email then it is possible that you may have typed in the wrong email address. 

4. Click the "My Activities" button to check your existing Support/RMA tickets

Checking your tickets:

1. Go to "My activities" link to check your tickets.

2. Respond back to Support Portal emails to add additional content.

To close a ticket:

1. Go to "My activities" link and add a comment that this call can be closed.

2. Respond back to Support Portal email saying that the call is closed.

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