LonMaker failed to open the database and I received an error message saying the Global Database is not open (Subsystem: LNS, #25 [DB #-2524]). (KB143)

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How can I resolve the error that the Global Database is not open (Subsystem: LNS, #25 [DB #-2524])?


Microsoft TCP/IP Networking must be installed on your PC or an LNS #25, [DB #2524] error is reported.

Microsoft TCP/IP Networking is normally installed during Windows operating system installation but it is an optional component if a network interface card (such as an Ethernet adapter) is not installed in the PC. Microsoft TCP/IP Networking is included on the Windows installation CD of all Windows operating systems that LNS 3 runs on. Depending upon the operating system that you are using (Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 98), the Microsoft TCP/IP Networking component may be named slightly differently. Consult the Windows documentation for further information on how to install the Microsoft TCP/IP Networking component.

You can find the same information in the "Known Problems and Workarounds" section in LNS3.0 service pack's readme file.

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