Can I use LonMaker Turbo to open a network I created with LonMaker 3.1 or vice versa? (KB629)

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Can I use LonMaker Turbo to open a network I created with LonMaker 3.1 or vice versa?
Some of my PCs are running LonMaker 3.1 and other PCs are running LonMaker Turbo. I would like to use any PC to make changes and manage my network.


The LNS version determines if a network created with LonMaker Turbo can be opened by LonMaker 3.1. If both versions of LonMaker are using the same LNS version, you can use either to open a network.

LonMaker Turbo uses LNS Turbo but LonMaker 3.1 can use either LNS 3.08 or LNS Turbo. If LonMaker 3.1 is using LNS Turbo, you can use LonMaker 3.1 to open a network that you created with LonMaker Turbo. If LonMaker 3.1 is using LNS 3.08, then it will not be able to open a network created by LonMaker Turbo.

You can check the LNS version by right clicking on the blue bar at the top of the LonMaker Design Manager and selecting About LonMaker. LNS Turbo will be listed as LNS version 3.20 or higher.

You can upgrade a network created with LNS 3.08 by opening it with any version of LonMaker that is running LNS Turbo (3.20). LonMaker will handle the upgrade automatically. It You should keep a backup of the LNS 3.08 network because once a network is opened with LNS Turbo it can no longer be opened with LNS 3.08.

To upgrade the LNS portion of a LonMaker 3.1 system, you can install LonMaker 3.1 SP3 Update 2, also called LonMaker 3.13 Update 2. The update ships with the iLon100 e3 installation CD, otherwise the update can be purchased from Echelon.

Note: Once you upgrade your database to LNS Turbo, you can only open that database using LNS Turbo.

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