When I attempt to run LonMaker, I get the following error: "Cannot locate Ordinal 10 in dynamic link library ldv32.dll" (KB474)

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This error occurs when multiple copies of "ldv32.dll" are installed on a machine. If two or more different versions of this dll file exist, the LonMaker tool cannot function properly.


The PC can only have one copy of "ldv32.dll" installed. Installer software determines where to install this file by scanning the registry to find the value of "Lonworks Path" under the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Lonworks", which by defalt is "C:\LonWorks". This key is created when you install LonMaker for Windows. Other setup programs that distribute "ldv32.dll" may not follow the same rules to ensure that only one "ldv32.dll" exists on the computer.

You can correct this problem by renaming all other copies of "ldv32.dll" and then logging off and back on. If you installed LonMaker software under the default path, then keep the file at "C:\LonWorks\bin\ldv32.dll", and rename all other "ldv32.dll" files to something else.

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