I want to use the NodeBuilder 3 Neuron C Example with transceivers other than FTT-10A or LPT-10. (KB183)

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The channel type number used by the NodeBuilder Neuron C example files states the device applies to a TP/FT-10 channel (channel type number 4); the device can therefore have either an FTT-10A free topology transceiver or an LPT-10 free topology link-power transceiver. Using a different transceiver requires the channel type number in the program ID to be changed accordingly. After the change is made, the example project no longer compiles.
The example project includes device resource files with user types and a user-defined functional profile template. These device resource files are defined to apply to program ID 9F:FF:FF:05:00:8A:04:xx ("xx" means "doesn't matter"), as the example uses scope 5.
When the program ID gets changed to a different channel type number, the device resource files no longer apply and the user types cannot be found. The compiler fails because of unknown types.

Workaround #1:
1.1 Open the NcExample resource file set in the NodeBuilder Resource Editor.
1.2 Unlock "Scope and program ID".
1.3 Change the program ID to reflect the new channel type or change the scope to 4.
1.4 Re-generate the resource files.
1.5 Exit the NodeBuilder Resource Editor.
1.6 Re-build the Neuron C Example from NodeBuilder.

Workaround #2:
Since the example is only used for educational purposes, an alternative solution is to leave the program ID unchanged. After changing the transceiver (in the Hardware Template) to a model that does not apply to the TP/FT-10 channel type, a new exporter warning will appear when building the device in NodeBuilder: NEX#4006, reporting the channel type number mismatch. This warning can be ignored for this example, and the device will function just fine.

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