The PCC-10 and the PCLTA-10 cards fail the first time they are used. (KB383)

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How can I resolve this, a) if I am trying to use the card from my LNS based application, or b) if I want to solve this from LonWorks Plug 'n Play?
This may be a known problem. It affects the PCLTA-10 and PCC-10 cards only. This tends to occur more frequently in older versions of the driver. You should install the latest version of the driver. It is available from our web site, download section.

Within a host application (program):
Step 1. Open the driver.
Step 2. Empty the queue. Perform a number of reads until there are no uplink messages.
Step 3. Send some read type network management (NM) message (like query domain, or query status).

After these steps the card should work properly. At this point you could issue a reset, but this is not really necessary.

Please note that this procedure will fail with any other interface cards. A program that implements this function must create two execution paths, one for PCLTA-10 and PCC-10 cards, and one for everything else. The program will need to use the Windows Registry to find out what kind of card is used as LonWorks interface.

Operator initiated:
Step 1. Open the Control Panel applet for the interface card, click on the Diagnostics button, then click on Test button.
This will load the card (the applet goes through steps 1, 2 and 3), and any subsequent requests will not cause failures.

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