Why do my devices with a long "reset to online" time fail to commission[NS, #4031]? (KB692)

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During commissioning, some devices using a parallel interface or MIP might be slow to respond to network management messages. LonMaker and LNS will therefore fail to commission the device. One of the possible errors you might see is: a device encountered an operational or messaging error while its configuration was being updated, NS #4031"


This error occurs because LonMaker/LNS does not receive the device's response in a timely manner during the commissionig process. A new property (AppDevice::Delay) was introduced in LNS Turbo to resolve this issue. This Delay value will be added to any delays calculated by LNS based on the network topology. When this property contains the default value of 0, LNS will not calculate an extra delay for the device.

For earlier versions of LNS, the workaround is to increase the channel delay.  Please note that this solution will affect all devices on that channel.

Also note that the AppDevice::Delay property is not exposed in the LonMaker Turbo Edition. To modify this property, you must use another LNS application, such as the LNS Object Browser (lnsobjectbrowser.exe located in your LonWorks\bin folder).

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