I tried to install LonMaker or LNS and got the following error message: "Internal Error 2753. checklic.exe." (KB706)

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Attempting a software installation of either the LonMaker tool or the LNS Server results in aborted installation with a Windows error message stating

      "Internal Error 2753. checklic.exe"

This is usually caused by a conflict between different LNS Server installations from multiple vendors on the same PC.


Listed below are two possible workarounds. It is highly recommended that you perform them in sequence. In almost all cases,  the first option resolves the issue.

First, check to see if you have already installed 'checklic.exe' in your 'C:\LonWorks\bin\' directory, or anywhere else on your PC.  If you find it,
rename it (e.g., 'checklic_sav.exe') and try the software installation one more time.


If you are installing from a CD (using the setup.exe file), try using the '.msi' file for installation instead of 'setup.exe'. 





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