ERROR: LNS LICENSE TIME LIMIT HAS EXPIRED. (SUBSYSTEM NS, #148)" when I try to start my software. (KB774)

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I am getting "ERROR OPENING LNS SYSTEM: LNS LICENSE TIME LIMIT HAS EXPIRED. (SUBSYSTEM NS, #148)" when I try to start my software. How can I fix this error?


This error will occur if one of the following is true:

1. You have entered deficit credit mode and 14 days have passed.

2. A trial license is being used and the number of days allocated to the license has expired.

3. A trial license is being used and the PC clock is set back.

Regarding above item 1: Typcially a device credit is required for each LonWorks device that is commissioned. When the number of devices you have commissioned is greater than the number of available credits on a PC, you will enter Deficit Credit mode. In Deficit Credit mode, you can continue to commission devices up to 500 additional devices for a two week period. In order to exit Deficit Credit mode during the two week period, you must either return credits to the PC by decommissioning devices or purchase additional LNS credits. If you are still in Deficit Credit mode after two weeks, the LNS license will expire and you will be unable to access your LNS based software until additional LNS credits are purchased.

To check if the PC is in Deficit Credit mode, please follow the steps described in Echelon Knowledge Base Article KB 540.

Some third party software has been known to deduct LNS credits if you do not properly exit the software. To check for this condition, refer to KB540.

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