Why won't my i.LON 600 or i.LON 100 reboot properly after I upgrade the firmware? (KB687)

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After upgrading the firmware or after reloading a new i.LON image that includes the iLonSystem file using an FTP client, the console output shows the following fatal exception message:

 Loading /root/iLonSystem...3416312 Starting at 0x80010000...

Reserved Instruction Exception Exception Program Counter: 0x8024ec00 Status Register:

0x10000000 Cause Register: 0x80000028 Task: 0x81fb7230 "tBoot" *



Loading /root/iLonSystem...

4 + 4271232 + 582640 error loading file: status = 0x610007.

Error loading file: errno = 0x610007.

Can't load boot file!! Unmounting flash disk


Most FTP client programs allow the users to specify the mode of transfer of the file as ASCII, Binary, or Auto. This problem occurs either because ASCII mode has been set or because Auto detect was used and the FTP program defaulted to using ASCII mode.

Transferring a binary file in ASCII mode will corrupt the file.

Binary mode should be used for transferring files to the i.lon. The file transferred is an exact copy of the original.
ASCII mode should be used only for plain text files where the end of line character is properly detected and translated.
Check the configuration of the FTP client. Either enforce Binary mode to be used or check the way that the program Auto detects the mode.  
For instance FileZilla is a popular open source FTP program.
The default settings show that files without extensions are treated as ASCII files. The i.LON System image file has no extension and in this case will be corrupted by transferring as ASCII.
By contrast, if you use WS_FTP Pro the default settings are for binary files.
In this case, the iLonSystem file, even without extensions, plus all other files, will be transferred as binary and no corruption will occur.
Re-load the files again using the settings for Binary mode and reboot the i.LON.
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