PCC-10 card causes some of the laptop computers from HP/Compaq to lock up completely when the card is accessed due to an interrupt conflict. (KB431)

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Laptops from HP and Compaq featuring the 02Micro OZ6912 CardBus Controller supplied with Windows XP are not enabled to support exclusive interrupts, as required by the PCC-10. This causes the machine to lock up completely when the card is accessed due to an interrupt conflict. Other models of laptops that are not equipped with 02Micro OZ6912 CardBus Controller may experience the same problem.
Until Echelon includes an option to enable exclusive interrupt support with the PCC-10 driver installation for these machines, a manual registry update must be installed, as follows.

Remove the PCC-10 card.
Download and save the registry update file, which contains the ReadMe.txt and PcmciaPci.reg files to the machine in question.
Double click the PcmciaPci.reg file to install the registry update.
Reboot the machine.
Re-insert the PCC-10.

The full PCC-10 installation procedure for these machines would therefore be as follows:

Do not insert the PCC-10 card.
Install the latest driver from the Echelon web site.
Install the registry update.
Reboot the machine.
Install the PCC-10 card.

If you have already installed the driver and have found the problem, use the first procedure described above. If that still does not solve the problem, then you may not have the latest PCC-10 drivers. Make sure that you download them from the download area of our website.

Following is the content of the registry update file for your information.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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