My Windows desktop PC or laptop PC does not recognize my PCC-10/PCLTA-10/PCLTA-20/PCLTA-21 Network Interface Card. (KB395)

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I cannot open a network using my network interface card. Although I installed the driver and inserted the card, it seems that my PC or Windows Operating System cannot find it or access it. How can I solve this problem?
When the Windows Operating System is not recognizing the card, most likely the cause of the problem is that you did not insert the card deeply enough. In other words, a physical connection problem between the card slot in your PC and the card is causing the problem.

When this happens, remove the card (you may want to turn the PC off first) and then put it back into the slot firmly and deeply so that Windows recognizes it. In case of a Plug and Play operating system such as Windows XP, you should see a popup message when Windows recognizes the new hardware.

If the card still doesn't work, you need to open the "Device Manager" (go to the Control Panel->System->Hardware) and try to locate the LonWorks Network Interface Card item in the tree.

If you find the item but it has a yellow exclamation point "!" or question mark "?" icon in front of it, you need to update the driver so that Windows can link the hardware and driver software for your Network Interface properly to make it work. The best solution is to download the latest drivers from the download area of our website.

If you don't find find the LonWorks Network Interface Card item but instead find an item saying that there is an unrecognized device, you need to delete that device. Make sure that you install the latest drivers for the network interface (they can be found in the download area of our website.)and then reboot your computer.

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