How are routers selected and what different types are available? (KB270)

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What product/model number is available for which channel type?


Routers must be selected with transceivers that match the physical channel types to which they will attach. For small systems, routers may only be required for a change in media or channel type. In larger systems a network 'backbone' is usually installed which requires routers to attach the subsystem channels with the high speed backbone. The non-router LonPoint modules are all designed for the TP/FT-10 channel type which is a twisted pair, free topology channel.

There are six models of the LonPoint LPR Routers, all of which share a common front panel and installation baseplate type. The models include:

ModelNameChannel Type
42100 LPR-10 TP/FT-10 to TP/FT-10 router module
42101 LPR-11 TP/FT-10 to TP/XF-78 router module
42102 LPR-12 TP/FT-10 to TP/XF-1250 router module
42103 LPR-13 TP/XF-78 to TP/XF-78 router module
42104 LPR-14 TP/XF-78 to TP/XF-1250 router module
42105 LPR-15 TP/XF-1250 to TP/XF-1250 router module

See LonPoint Router Datasheet, as well as LonPoint Rounter Hardware and Installation Guide.

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