I got the error "A required .DLL file lmwlca32.dll was not found" when running LonMaker Integration Tool under Windows 98. (KB135)

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I have a PC with Windows 98 where I have just installed the LonMaker Integration Tool. When trying to run it I got the error "A required .DLL file lmwlca32.dll was not found", what is the problem?
This error may occur when the PATH environment variable is missing the \LonWorks\bin directory path. To verify the path setting, go to the DOS prompt and type:


Check if c:\LonWorks\bin directory is there (this is the default directory, look for the directory you selected if you didn't use the default during LonMaker installation). If it is not there, open the autoexec.bat file and add the following line at the beginning of the file;

SET PATH=c:\LonWorks\bin

Remember that c:\LonWorks\bin is the default directory name. If you changed the default, use the directory name that you had chosen.

Reboot the PC and start the LonMaker tool.

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