LNS may fail to receive a network variable or message update. (KB131)

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An application having multiple networks open using an xDriver LonWorks Interface (i.LON 10 or i.LON 100) and running on LNS 3 Service Pack 7, LNS 3 Service Pack 8, or LNS 3 Service Pack 8 Update 1 may fail to receive a network variable or message update when communication fails with any of the utilized internet-enabled xDriver Network Interfaces. This failure will occur while xDriver attempts to recover the connection. The recovery period and function is controlled from the LNS xDriver Profile Editor in the Echelon LNS Utilities program group.
This problem will be resolved in a future release of LNS.

To work around the problem, disable the xDriver recovery mechanism. Recovery can be disabled by clearing the Enable Recovery checkbox on the Recovery Options tab of the LNS xDriver Profile Editor utility.

Please note that disabling xDriver recovery will cause a downlink connection to become permanently lost in the case of a power failure or extended TCP/IP connectivity problems. Connection recovery mechanisms can be implemented in an LNS application to run in place of the xDriver mechanism by writing code to track TCP/IP connectivity or ping a device on the network at regular intervals.
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