Why can't I see all the SmartServer Functional Blocks (FBs) or data points (NV) and Configuration Properties (CPs)] in the SmartServer web page navigation tree. (KB869)

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I can see the SmartServer Network Variables NVs and CPs in my LonMaker or LNS application but I don't see them in the SmartServer web page Navigation pane (Navigation tree).  How do I see the missing NVs and CPS?


The SmartServer tries to limit the Functional Blocks (FBs) and data points (NV and CPs) that you see in the Navigation tree to the ones you are using so that you are not overwelmed by the built-in FB/data points objects.


Each device, Functional Block, and data point has a Hidden checkbox (e.g., in the SmartServer Web Page, click a NV with "Driver" selected) associated with it thatis used to indicate whether the item shows up in the Navigation tree.  Hidden items are either not used or items that have been deleted.


Hidden checkbox:

1.  Un-checked means that this is a item that you are actively using and the item will show up in the Navigation tree. 

2.  Checked means the item is Hidden.


To see all the hidden items, such as for NVs and CPs,  click the Settings Menu and check the "Display Hidden...." checkbox for the item type that you want to see.

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