What is the process to consolidate unused device credits? (KB523)

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I would like to move unused LNS/LonMaker device credits to another machine. Both the source and target machines have some device credits, and I want to consolidate all of these credits on the target machine.

To explain further, here is an example. Currently, our Machine A has 65 unused credits and Machine B has 134 unused credits. We want to move everything to Machine B, but if I transfer the license from A to B (including the 65 credits), Machine B will have only 65 unused credits and the 134 it used to have will be lost.

Unfortunately, there is no way to consolidate unused credits. Each installation has its own license and each license includes credits. If you transfer a license to a different PC, it will "override" the existing credits instead of combining the credits in both licenses into one working license.
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