When I try to log in to the Service page of my i.Lon 100 I get "ERROR:Client timed out waiting for response from server". (KB609)

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I can access the i.Lon 100 Service page with the password correctly the first time, but the second time I try to access the i.Lon 100 Service page using the password, I get a Web Services error or Timeout Error ("ERROR:Client timed out waiting for response from server") and the web page appears to hang.

This problem is seen using Internet Explorer 6 and 7 with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

This problem is caused by the Microsoft Security Update KB936021. Echelon has an i.LON e3 Service Pack 2 Update 5 (or i.LON e2 Service Pack 1 Update 4) on the Echelon Download web site which fixes this Internet Explorer login issue. The following link points to the new update.

The following update fixes the problem:
For i.Lon 100 e3: i.Lon 100 e3 SP2 U5
For i.Lon 100 e2: i.Lon 100 e2 SP1 U4

Two temporary workarounds are (these are not necessary if you installed one of the above listed updates):
1. Clear the temporary Internet files each time in Internet Explorer before accessing the i.LON web pages by using the Tools menu, Internet Options, General tab, Temporary Internet Files, Delete Files.
2. Uninstall the Microsoft update from add/remove programs in Control Panel.

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