LonMaker or LNS Error: "Please wait while Windows configures Echelon LNS Server". (KB685)

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This problem, first reported in late March 2009, has been diagnosed to be caused by a corruption of the LNS Server software installation due to a false positive from anti-virus software. One vendor (McAfee) reports detection of a "Generic.Tra (ED) Trojan".

LNS software corruption is caused by antivirus quarantine of file "SRVANY.exe" that is installed under the LonWorks\bin folder, which, by default, is "C:\LonWorks\bin".



Anti-virus software has erroneously flagged "SRVANY.exe" in LonWorks\bin as a virus. Moving that file from quarantine back to your LonWorks\bin folder should resolve the problem.

You should also configure your anti-virus software to prevent recurrence of the quarantine of the "SRVANY.exe" file.

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