What are error messages NS#138, NS #67, LNS #55,LNS #140, LNS #117, NS #50 and DS #55? (KB190)

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What are error messages NS#138, NS #67, LNS #55 ,LNS #140, LNS #117, NS #50 and DS #55?
LNS Database Recovery Wizard: If you are recovering through a PCC-10, PCLTA-10 or PCLTA-20, use the LonWorks Plug 'n Play Control Panel to select the NSI NI Application. Otherwise, error "NS #138 (Local interface is in the wrong state (unconfigured)" is reported, then "NS #67 (system is not open)", then "LNS #55". Finally, the LNS Database Recovery Wizard only gives you the option to cancel the recovery.

LNS Error String #140:
This error string should read: The source Network Service Device cannot be a LcaNsdTypePermanent. (Subsystem: LNS, #140)

LNS Object Browser: When running the LNS Object Browser as a remote client, one may attempt to access the RemoteChannel object. This is not a legal operation and the object browser should not attempt this access, however, it does and the following error is thrown: 13:26:33.171 Failure accessing object RemoteChannel: This operation is not allowed from a TCP/IP remote client. (Subsystem: LNS, #117) [-2147221504]

LNS: When the maximum number of devices within a network (32385) is exceeded, the following error is reported: "An unspecified database limit was exceeded. (Subsystem: NS, #50)"

Formatting: Attempting to format a 2 byte NV with the DISCRETE built-in type LNS reports the following error: "Internal Data Formatting Error (Subsystem: DS #55). The error should display "Attempt to format this NV failed"
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