Flash parts compatible with the 3150 Neuron Chip and/or 3150 Smart Transceivers. (KB229)

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Which flash parts are compatible with the 3150 Neuron Chip and/or 3150 Smart Transceivers?


The following Flash parts are compatible with the 3150 Neuron and/or Smart Transceiver chips:

(formerly SST)

GLS29EE512 (PLCC32)
GLS29EE010 (PLCC32)

(June 2010, Atmel announced
end of life plan for these parts)

The GLS29EE512 and GLS29EE010 parts are expected to work with the Echelon TP/XF-78F and TP/FT-10F Flash control modules.

As replacements for Atmel flash parts, following parts from Greenliant can be used:

Atmel Parallel Flash part number
(PLCC32 package)
Greenliant Parallel Flash part number
(PLCC32 package)
AT29C512-70JU, AT29C512-90JU GLS29EE512-70-4I-NH, GLS29EE512-70-4I-NHE (Pb free)
AT29C010A-90JI GLS29EE010-70-4I-NHE

More information about Greenliant can be found at

When designing a device using Flash external memory, you need to make sure it is fast enough to meet with the timing requirements imposed by the Neuron Chip or Smart Transceiver and the clock input desired.
20MHz, Flash-based designs for example are NOT possible due to this reason.

Also, temperature grade (industrial) and sector size (128/64 bytes) needs to be checked as well when selecting a Flash memory vendor.

Please refer to Neuron 3150 Chip External Memory Interface engineering bulletin for more details.

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