How do I test my U10/U20/U60 USB Network Interface is working? (KB579)

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How do I test that my U10/U20/U60 USB Network Interface works?
The following tests will verify that the U10/U20/U60 USB Network Interface Adapter, USB driver(OpenLDV), network wiring to a device, and the external device are all working properly.
Try using the provided USB extension cable, if you haven't done so already, to see if that helps.

Before running the following tests, make sure that your USB adapter is connected to the LonWorks channel and at least one device, or that another Network Interface is connected to the channel. During the test procedure below you will be sending a service pin message from either an external device or another Network Interface (which is connected to a second PC).

Procedure for testing the USB adapter:
  1. Close all software that is using the USB network interface.
  2. Disconnect the USB adapter
  3. Run the "LonWorks Interface" applet in the windows control panel.
  4. Click the "USB" tab.
  5. Plug-in the USB adapter.
  6. In the "LonWorks Interface" window, select the entry with name "LONx" where x is the number assigned automatically. If you don't see any entry, it means that Windows has not recognized the USB network interface properly. Try another USB port, or USB network interface, and if you are not using an extension cable, try using the cable.
  7. Press the "Wink" button and visually verify that the "SVC" LED on the USB network interface lights up for a couple of seconds.
  8. Press the "Test" button to enter the Test dialog.
  9. Press the "Test" button to query the U10 adapter. As long as you get results similar to the following, but not an "Error" or "Failed" message, the USB adapter is working. You can ignore the statistics (numbers) or state for now and assume that the "Test" has passed.
    ------ Network Interface Node Status ------
    CRC Errors:		[00000]
    TX Timeouts:		[00000]
    Lost (APP) Messages:	[00000]
    Missed (NET) Messages:	[00000]
    Node State:		Configured
    Most recent error:		0
    Reset Cause:		Power Up
    Note that some CRC errors are expected on a LonWorks channel and it does not mean there is a problem with the channel. You should only be concerned if you see a lot of CRC errors between consecutive "Test" results.
  10. To receive a Service pin message from an external device, press the "Comm" button. You should receive a dialog saying "Now waiting for a service pin message."
    Now waiting for a service pin message.
  11. Press the service pin on your external device connected on the network that is tied to the USB network interface. Everything is working correctly if you see the service pin message and a lot of "** ping passed **" messages. If you don't see these messages, there may be something wrong with your software or hardware.
    If you want to use the Network Interface on a second PC to send a service pin message, launch the LonWorks Interfaces (U10/U20/U60 USB) or LonWorks Plug 'n Play (PCC-10/PCLTA-10/20/21)applet. Go to the "Test" dialog in the applet and press the "Service" button. This will cause a service pin message to be sent from the second Network Interface to the Network Interface being tested.
    Now waiting for a service pin message.
    Received service pin from ID
    ** Ping Passed **
    ** Ping Passed **
    ** Ping Passed **
    The "** Ping passed **" message indicates that your USB adapter and network interface driver are working properly.
  12. Press the "Quit" button to exit, then press "OK " to exit the Test dialog.
  13. Press "Close" to exit the LonWorks Interfaces applet.
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