Software and Firmware Troubleshooting Tips (KB933)

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Check the Software Compatibility list to make sure the PC Operating System is supported.  
           Software Compatibility List -What Software Support 64-bit Windows OS 

  2. Upgrade to the latest Software/Firmware version - Most issues are resolved by going to the latest software version.  Go to the Echelon Web site downloads web page to get the latest version of software.
          Echelon Software Download 

  3. Readme.doc - Most Echelon software have a Readme documentation file that list known issues and workarounds.  These readme documentation are shown in the Windows Program group for the specific product and in the Software Download web page for the specific software. 

  4. KB articles - We have Knowledge Base (KB) articles that may provide information about product questions or problems.

  5. Web pages no longer works - Most product Web page issues are due to using Web Browsers not  supported by our product.  Check which Web Browser are supported by the Echelon product you are using. For  example, if you can't change the i.LON or SmartServer IP address through the product Web pages then check if the i.LON/SmartServer supports your Web Browser (See KB930)
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