IzoT Router, FT 6000 EVK and CPM 4200 EVK Troubleshooting (KB936)

FT 6000 EVK Troubleshooting

  1. I get no service pin from IzoT Router [Step 6 in Quick Start Guide]
    • The IzoT Router defaults to dynamic IP Address so depends on a DCHP server to get its IP address.
    • Make sure UDP port 2541 is open on your PC Firewall
    • Don't use Unicode characters for the "IzoT Network Services LonTalk/IP Interfaces" name. For example use English characters for interface name.
    • Make sure you are using NodeUtil 3.22 or later.
  2. Can't install Software IzoT Network Services Server (IzoT Net)
    • Download latest Echelon License Wizard and try again.
  3. Can't Activate CT or IzoT Net license
    • Make sure your PC time is correct then try again.


See the IzoT Router Section for additional IzoT Router information and troubleshooting.

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