I receive a GetAuthorization Error -15: RESTRICTION FILE MOVED error when I run the Checklic licensing utility. (KB548)

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The Checklic licensing utility gave me the following error message:
GetAuthorization Error -15: RESTRICTION FILE MOVED
There are several reasons why this error message may occur. Usually, the software assumes that there is an attempt to tamper with the licensing mechanism by the underlying licensing management software component used by the LonMaker tool and the LNS Server. The following list displays reasons why you may see this error:
  • You changed the system time by more than 1hr and 15 minutes;
  • You uninstalled and reinstalled the application;
  • You deleted the license files;
  • You ran Norton Speedisk or Nuts and Bolts defragmentation tools; or
  • You converted the hard drive files system from FAT32 to NTFS or from FAT to FAT32.

The only way to recover from this error is to install a new PC key with replacement credits.

Run the Checklic licensing utility again to determine how many replacement credits to request.

Product Command
LonMaker checklic lonmaker.vsl
LNS Application checklic nsseng.exe

Following is an example Checklic report:

c:\>checklic nsseng.exe
SiteKeyVersion = 50
Initializing access to file path C:\WINDOWS\LNS Licenses\nsseng.exe
CrypKeyVersion = 5.5

Current License Status:
GetAuthorization Error -15: RESTRICTION FILE MOVED
oplevel = 0x4
restriction = 2 (By Credits)
num_allowed = 564
num_used = 21
num_copies = 1
LNS Shared Options:
deduction = ENABLED
deficits level = 2 (500 credits)

Use the following formula to calculate the number of credits you need to replace:

Number of credits to be ordered = num_allowed - 500 - num_used. 

In the above Checklic report example, you should order: 564 - 500 - 21 = 43 credits.

If you use the LonMaker tool, run the LonMaker License Wizard. Click the Add Credits button after you get the error message from trying to open a new or existing network database.

If you use an LNS tool or application other than the LonMaker tool, run the LNS Server License Wizard. Start the wizard from Start > Programs > Echelon LNS Utilities > LNS Server License Wizard. The LNS Server License Wizard is not the same as the LNS Server License Transfer Utility.

If the license wizard does not allow you to enter the number of credits you need, enter the minimum allowed (such as 20 credits), generate the form, then manually modify the form at the "Number of device credits ordered" option or a similar line that mentions the number of credits to be ordered.

After you generate the order form, fill in your contact information, and the select the box in the Replacement Use section at the bottom of the form. Then send your request to for a replacement license. Send the Checklic result along with the order e-mail. At the top of your email, include a summary of the problem and mention that you experienced a -15 error.

Once you receive your new key, apply it to your computer through the license wizard. This will resolve the error.

For LNS 3.0 and LonMaker 3.1, after you have fixed your license, download and install the LNS Licensing Update 2006.  This update is already included for LNS turbo and LonMaker Turbo.

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