I can ping my iLON10, but cannot configure it using Internet Explorer (KB396)

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After a security reset, I set my PC's IP address to one that was on the same subnet as my iLON10 . I can now ping the iLON10, but I cannot configure it using Internet Explorer.
It is likely that you have configured Internet Explorer to use a proxy server to connect to the internet and this is causing the problem. If you need to use a proxy server, you need to disable this feature to access web servers on your PC's local subnet. To configure Internet Explorer correctly, go to the tools/internet options menu, select the connections TAB and click the LAN settings button. Make sure that if you are using a proxy server you have checked bypass proxy server for local address, then save the changes. Perform another security reset on your iLON10, close and restart Internet Explorer and connect to the iLON10 using the URL
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