I am trying to install the i.LON Vision software that comes with the i.LON 100 e3, but I received a message saying I need the Contribute software. I have already installed Contribute version 3.11, but I still cannot install i.LON Vision. (KB526)

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I am trying to install i.LON Vision on a PC where Macromedia Contribute version 3.11 is already installed. I keep getting the error message: "Contribute 3 is not installed on your system. i.LON Vision requires Contribute 3.0 or 3.1. If you do not have a registered copy of Contribute, you can install the trial version of Contribute 3.1 included in this CD for evaluation purposes." Why is this message appearing?


This is a known problem and was fixed in service pack 1 for the i.LON 100 e3; however, if you have Contribute 3.11 and only i.LON 100 e3 (version 3.00.61) with no service pack , then you will not be able to install i.LON Vision, and thus cannot install service pack 1. If you have service release 1 (version 3.01.09) or higher, you will not see this problem.

Contribute 3.11 stores its installation path information in a different location in the Windows registry compared to Contribute 3.10 or earlier; therefore, i.LON Vision cannot recognize the path correctly. Here is the workaround if you have the i.LON 100 e3 with no service pack:

Please contact support to receive the patch.

Next, run it on your PC by double clicking the .reg file before installing i.LON Vision. Please note that the .reg file assumes that you installed Contribute under "C:\\Program Files\\Macromedia\\Contribute 3\\". If this is not the case, you need to first open the .reg file in a text editor and change the path to where you have installed Contribute.

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