How do I check the LonMaker, LNS, CT, OpenLNS Server and OpenLDV version numbers on my computer? (KB814)

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How do I check the LonMaker/CT, LNS/IzoT Net Server and OpenLDV version numbers on my computer?


For LonMaker/CT users

Start the LonMaker tool. Left-click the LonMaker icon on the title bar on the top-left corner of the LonMaker Design Manager and select “About Echelon LonMaker”.
The LonMaker version number is displayed at the top of the window and the LNS and OpenLDV version numbers are displayed at the bottom.
For LNS/OpenLNS/IzoT Net Server-only users:
Start the LNS Object Browser application by going to your Start Menu-Run: lnsobjectbrowser.exe. Go to the Tools menu-Trace window. The version report will be at the top of the trace log.
Alternatively, open Windows Explorer and browse to your LonWorks folder (c:\lonworks\bin by default for 32-bit operating systems or C:\Program Files (x86)\LonWorks\bin for 64-bit operating systems). Find the lcaobjsv.ocx file. Right-click the file and select Properties. The version number will be listed in the Version tab under Windows XP and the Details tab under Windows 7.
Once you have the version numbers, refer to the list below to check your current release.
For OpenLDV-only users:
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Programs and Features icon
  3. Find the Echelon OpenLDV entry in the program list. It will be listed for example as Echelon OpenLDV 3.4, Echelon OpenLDV 4.0 or OpenLDV 5.0

LonMaker/CT versions:

3.0x.yy: LonMaker 3
3.1x.yy: LonMaker 3.1
3.2x.yy: LonMaker 3.2 (LonMaker Turbo Edition)

4.0x.yy: Commissioning Tool 4.0 (CT) 

x represents the service pack level, yy is the build number. For example, version 3.24.12 is LonMaker Turbo Edition Service pack 4
LNS versions:
3.0x.yy: LNS 3
3.2x.yy : LNS 3.2 (LNS Turbo Edition)
4.0x.yy: OpenLNS 4.0
4.02.yy: IzoT Net Server
x represents the service pack level, yy is the build number. For example, version 3.27.14 is LNS Turbo Edition Service pack 7
OpenLDV versions:
3.40.016: OpenLDV 3.4
4.00.102: OpenLDV 4.0
5.00.010: OpenLDV 5.0
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