I got the following error message when I tried to open a network database: "Could not initialize the LonTalk stack. (Subsystem: NI, #23)" (KB403)

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I was using the LonMaker tool and trying to open either a new or existing network database using my PCC-10/PCLTA-10/PCLTA-20/PCLTA-21 network interface card. However, I got an error message saying: "Could not initialize the LonTalk stack. (Subsystem: NI, #23)". How can I resolve this?
First, close the LonMaker tool, then test your network interface using the LonWorks Plug 'n Play utility found in the Windows Control Panel. Once there, press the "Diagnostics" button and then press the "Test" button. If you get a "Failed" message similar to the following:
LonWorks® PCC10/PCLTA10/PCLTA20 Device Driver
Version: 2.01
Card Type: PCLTA-20 / LMPA
Driver Status:
	Number of Free LTA Output Buffers-
	 Non-Priority: 0, Priority: 0
	Loaded Image Size: 16384
	Interrupt Count: 17333
------ Network Interface Node Status ------
** Failed **

Then go back to the main LonWorks Plug 'n Play dialog and change your NI Application to something other than what is currently selected. Click on the "apply" button and do the test again. Don't forget to change it back to its original NI Application. Remember that the LonMaker tool can work with either the "NSI" or "VNI" NI Application images, although"VNI" is preferred due to higher performance.

You may also want to try to "reset" and "restart" your network interface card and driver from the "Diagnostics" window.

Once you stop getting the "Failed" message and see the network interface statistics, you should be able to open the network from the LonMaker tool. The following is an example of a successful "Test" result. Some of the counts may not be zero, but that should not be a problem unless it increases rapidly as you test again and again. If that happens, it can be due (most of the time) to one of three problems: wiring connections, excessive noise, or excessive traffic on the network.

LonWorks® PCC10/PCLTA10/PCLTA20 Device Driver
Version: 2.01
Card Type: PCLTA-20 / LMPA
Driver Status:
	Loaded Image Size: 57344
	Interrupt Count: 20345
------ Network Interface Node Status ------
CRC Errors:		[00000]
TX Timeouts:		[00000]
Lost (APP) Messages:	[00000]
Missed (NET) Messages:	[00000]
Most recent error:		0
Reset Cause:		External
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