This database cannot be accessed. You may be in single user mode or the database is read-only. LCA#22, DB#-2032

The LNS #22, Db#-2032 message means that access to the database files has been denied by the operating system. When using operating systems with file security such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or 7, access permissions should be granted to applications with the appropriate system tools:

1. You should give the user full access to the LonWorks folder as well as the database folder and make sure these folders are not read-only. Historically, the database is located by default in the c:\lm\db\<network name> folder but new installations use C:\Users\Public\Documents\LonWorks\OpenLnsCT\Databases<network name>. Using the Windows File Manager, locate the folder containing the network database, right-click on the folder and select properties. Then go to the security tab, and add or edit an entry for "Everyone" to allow Modify access.

2. It might also be worth trying to run OpenLNS CT application as Administrator. Right-click the .exe file and select Run As Administrator. Please note this is different from being logged in as Administrator.

3. You should also make sure that OpenLNS is not in SingleUserMode. You can verify this by starting lnsobjectbrowser.exe (from your lonworks\bin folder). If you double-click on ObjectServer on the left pane, you will see a property called "SingleUserMode" in the right pane. This should be set to False.

4. It has happened in the past that an anti-virus software incorrectly deleted some LNS database files (likely .dat files, either in your database project folder or in the LonWorks\ObjectServer\GlobalDb folder). Please check whether that could be the case in your anti-virus log.

5. If you are sharing any of these folders, please also check that another user is not locking some of the files. 

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