Supporting OpenLNS/IzoT Net applications and OpenLNS/IzoT Net Plug-ins - OpenLNS SDK (KB940)

OpenLNS is now called IzoT Net Server.


Supporting OpenLNS applications and OpenLNS  Plug-ins:

 We currently do not have a OpenLNS SDK or IzoT Net Server SDK.  A OpenLNS/IzoT Net SDK is not needed to create a OpenLNS application.

 Differences between LNS an OpenLNS/IzoT Net Applications.

1. LNS used a LNS ADK (mainly documents and examples) to develop the app and required a runtime license for each LNS server.  To distribute your LNS app you needed to use the LNS Retribution kit (RDK) to provide your customer a LNS runtime license.

2. All OpenLNS servers come with a runtime license so the LNS RDK is not needed.

3. A LNS program written using the LNS Turbo ADK should work with a OpenLNS server with little or no problems, though you may get some errors when accessing the device credit information.  

4. LNS and OpenLNS Plug-ins use the LNS Plug-in Framework Developer's Kit.



1. You do not need to wait for OpenLNS SDK to be available in order to develop OpenLNS applications. You can start developing applications today.
2. Change your LNS code to either not look for LNS credits or use a try-catch to not crash your program when it is tries to check for an non-existent LNS credits (IzoT Net Server and OpenLNS do not use device credits). The rest of your application also needs to work even though it doesn't get any device credit info
3. If you are developing a native OpenLNS application, all you need is the COM OCX: lcaobjsv.ocx and it is available with your OpenLNS Server install today.
4. If you are developing .NET OpenLNS director applications, then you need to use Echelon.LNS.Interop.dll as a reference in your project and distribute it with your product. You already have this dll Echelon.LNS.Interop.dll today with your OpenLNS Server install. But you do not have the merge modules yet, merge modules will only be available with a OpenLNS SDK (which is not availble).
5. LNS Application Programming 
    a. LNS Programmer's Guide (there is no OpenLNS Programmer's Guide)
    b. OpenLNS Programmer's Reference Guide
6. OpenLNS Plug-in Development
    You can create OpenLNS Plug-in using the LNS Plug-in Framework Developer's Kit.
    a. LNS Plug-in Framework Developer's Kit 1.1
    b. LNS Plug-in Programmer's Guide Release 4
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