How to use NodeUtil or NodeLoad with IP-852 or LonWorks/IP, or IzoT Router (KB942)

This KB describes how to communicate to external device connected to a LonWorks Router or IzoT Router with NodeUtil or NodeLoad when using either IP-852 or LonWorks/IP network interface types.

If the IzoT Router is commissioned as a Configured Router, you may be able to see the external devices service pin messages but not be able to communicate to the device without the following.  That is, you may not be able to use NodeUtil or NodeLoad to download an application or use NodeUtil to get the device status without the changes listed below.  If you are using NodeLoad, use NodeUtil to change the PC network Interface domain/subnet IDs and then use NodeLoad to download the application Image.

As an alternative you can use the IzoT Router RNI for the specific FT or RS-485 channel (requires the second release of the IzoT Router) connected to the IzoT router for NodeUtil and NodeLoad.  In that case, you can ignore the rest of this KB article.

IzoT Router Configuration:

 1. If the IzoT Router is commissioned as a repeater you should see all traffic without any changes to NodeUtil.

 2. If the IzoT Router is commissioned as a configured router (the typical case) then you need to set the network interface Domain/Subnet ID in NodeUtil to see the traffic?

For a configured router, nodeutil needs to have domain ID and subnet ID changed for device 0. Use the IP side of the router domain and subnet IDs shown in the OpenLNS network.

First get the Domain ID and IzoT router subnet information from IzoT CT or IzoT Net Server database.

For example if the IzoT Router is on Domain ID CC and subnet 1

nodeutil -dlonworkip

>g 0


Enter domain table index(0-1) [ 65535]: 0
Index    Size     Subnet   Node   AutKey                   Domn ID
   0         1          1          127   00 00 00 00 00 00     1

Update this table entry? (Y/[N]): Y

Enter domain ID length: 0,1,3,6 or (U) used [1]: 1

Enter 1 bytes of Domain ID [0]: cc

Enter node ID(0-127) [ 126]: 

Set as clone domain (Y/[N]:N

Enter 6 bytes of auth Key [FF]:

Index    Size     Subnet   Node   AutKey                   Domn ID
   0         1          1          126   FF FF FF FF FF FF        CC

Are you sure you really want to do this? (Y/[N]): Y 

If you set the node id to a specific device you will see updates meant for that node. If your connections use broadcast addressing you will get the update.
far side.

for example:
DEVICE:5> Received NV update for index 65535
DEVICE:5> Received NV update for index 65535

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    Adam Oldham

    NodeUtil complains that the Firmware is v19 and the loading image is v21. Even with the two ndl files your have specified.
    I went through OpenLND CT added a router to the drawing. Set it for a repeater (Side A is pointing off to nowhere and Channel 1 seems to be attached to my network model. I updated it. Priority Channel 1 is set to disable and Priority Side A is Enable Manual Slot 4. (Defaults), the commission it and press the connect button when it asks for service pin and it seems to go through a process to set up the IzoT router.
    I then use node load, through the IsoT router, and the same output appears that I've stated above for a failure to communicate to device, through NodeLoad does see the service pin.

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