Stanley Healthcare Hugs software stops working due to timeout or is in deficit credit mode. (KB943)


A Stanley Healthcare Hugs (Infant Protection Solution) software stops working due to deficit credit timeout or is in deficit credit mode showing you that you have two weeks or less to purchase new credits.


There is a know issue with the Hugs software that may cause it to use more credits then necessary.  This sometimes causes the software to run out of LNS device credits.  When this happens LNS gives you two weeks to purchase new credits.  If the LNS Server has been deficit credit mode for two or more weeks the LNS Server will time out and you will not be able to use the Hugs software until either new credits are purchased or you request replacement credits.

In general, Echelon doesn't replace device credits due to third-party software bugs.  Echelon makes an exception for the Hugs software as it is used for infant protection.


Use the LNS License Wizard to generate a License/credit replacement form and send it to


LNS License Wizard Instructions:

You must generate the form on the computer that will have the license—you can send the e-mail request from a different computer.

a. Start the appropriate license wizard from one of the following locations:

Start > All Programs > Echelon LNS Utilities > LNS Server License Wizard

b. Press the **Copy to Clipboard** button in the license wizard to save the generated license to the Windows clipboard. For credit replacement, don't worry about changing the credit number at this time as you can change it in the form in step d below.
c. Paste (CTRL-V) the form to your request e-mail or an attached text document.
d. Fully fill out the form as it will be automatically rejected without the company information.
- Make sure you check "[x]" all appropriate checkboxes including the replacement checkbox.
- Determine how many credits came with the Hugs software.
- Change the number of Credits on the form.
e. Send the license form to
- In your email subject - mention this is a Hugs Infant software and include URGENT to get faster response time.
- In your email include a summary of the problem, the total # of credits that came with the Hugs software.
f. Once you get the Application key from Echelon, start the License Wizard and copy the application key to Activation Key field and click finished.

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