Do I need to keep IP-852 Configuration Server running for LNS Monitoring/Control? Yes. (KB944)

The IP-852 Configuration Server should always be running before opening any existing LonMaker/LNS network when using IP-852 for the network Interface (NSD).

That is, the IP-852 Configuration Server needs to be running before you open any IP-852 LonMaker/LNS database in addition to making changes to the LNS database like adding/deleting devices/FBs/connections.  Failure to do so may affect LonMaker/LNS Monitor and Control of the network.


If you have created an IP-852 Channel and associated members with the IP-852 Configuration Server running and you close the LonMaker/LNS database before closing the IP-852 Configuration Server, the Configuration server will tell the PC IP-852 NSD and all the i.LONs that the PC network interface is no longer running.  If you then open the LonMaker/LNS database without the IP-852 Configuration Server running the LonMaker/LNS App can communicate to the i.LONs but the LNS/OpenLNS Server may not see the i.LON response.  

In this case, LonMaker/LNS monitor and control may not work properly.  Once you open the IP-852 Config Server and the Config Server has communicated to the i.LONs, Monitor and Control will start working again.

There is no problem if you close the IP-852 Config Server before closing the LonMaker/LNS database.


  1. Make sure the IP-852 Configuration Server is running before opening a LonMaker/LNS database using IP-852.
  2. If you are running LNS or OpenLNS Server as a service and you have at least one network using IP-852, you should have the IP-852 added to your PC startup menu.
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