Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Activation Failure - Get "...Limit of your Multiple Activation Key." (KB946)

If you purchased LonMaker Turbo Professional (PRO) SR4 or OpenLNS CT PRO (purchased with Visio 2010 PRO) you may see the following Microsoft Visio pop when running LonMaker or CT.

Your installation cannot be activated because you have activated up to the limit of your Multiple activation key. Consult your administrator for further help."

This means you are trying to use an older LonMaker Turbo PRO SR4 CD or OpenLNS CT PRO (with Visio 2010 PRO) or if you have one of our newer CDs then Echelon has run out of Activation licenses.  You should send an email to as Microsoft can't help you.

If you have an older LonMaker 3.1 Professional, LonMaker Turbo Professional (SRA or SR2), OpenLNS/IzoT CT Professional without Visio, or Standard version of these products, you are not using Visio 2010 Professional and this KB doesn't apply to you.


Before we can send you the Visio 2010 PRO Activation key we will need to verify that you purchased LonMaker Turbo SR4, an Upgrade to LonMaker Turbo SR4, or OpenLNS/IzoT CT PRO (purchased with Visio 2010 PRO).  

Send an email to credits with the requested information below.

All requests need to be sent to:

To speed up the process please provide the following:

1. LonMaker

Start LonMaker, in the LonMaker Design Manager, right-click the little purple ball at the top of Design Manager and select  "About Echelon LonMaker...". Send us a screen shot of the  "About Echelon LonMaker..." Dialog.

To create a screen snap shot of a PC window, select the window with your mouse, press ALT-PrtScrn to copy the screen to the Windows clipboard, open a MS Word document or email and press CTL-V to paste.

2. OpenLNS CT/IzoT CT

The CT Activation Key and the xxx-xxxx-xx product key on the CD.



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