Course 100 - Introduction to the LonWorks Platform (KB912)



Introduction to the LonWorks® Platform

Course Description

Course Duration:  1 Day (6.5 hours)


This introductory course is intended to be the starting point for your discovery of LonWorks.  This course introduces the new student to the fundamentals, terminology, and applications of the LonWorks technology. The training begins with an overview of networks and protocols, highlighting the technical aspects of the LonTalkÒ protocol from a high level perspective.   This class concludes with a discussion of the Echelon® training learning paths that you can use to help develop your personal training curriculum.


This class is intended for everyone interested in learning about LonWorks technology and how to put it to work for them.  Installers, building owners, maintenance personnel, as well as network design/integration engineers, who want to design, manage, and maintain LonWorks networks and devices.

Course Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge of Windows 95/98 or Windows NT® / 2000 / XP

Course Objectives


  Upon Completion of this course the students will be able to:

  • Articulate the benefits of a LonWorks network
  • List 5 advantages of LonWorks technology
  • Explain what a control network does
  • List three characteristics of a LonWorks control network
  • Contrast command-based control systems to event-based control systems
  • Explain the role of the LonMark® Organization
  • Explain the Charter of the Open Systems Alliance (OSA)
  • Explain who Echelon is
  • Describe key components used in a LonWorks Network
  • Describe the basics of LonTalk protocol
  • Identify the fundamental characteristics of a LonWorks Architecture
  • Recognize key elements on a typical LonWorks control network diagram
  • List the steps to LonWorks network implementation
  • Describe at least two applications where a LonWorks network would be used
  • Define network management and describe the purpose of a network management tool

Laboratory Work

This is a technology overview class, in which you assist with realistic case studies, written exercises, review questions, and class discussions.  As an instructor-led class we include Instructor led demos of basic concepts.

What You Will Receive

Echelon will provide you with a course workbook and documentation CD.   Echelon will also provide lunches and refreshments during the class.  At the conclusion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion and a class list with the companies, names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of the contacts you have made in this class. 


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