Upgrading old IzoT Routers to use U60s or IzoT Router doesn't detect U60s (KB949)

The original IzoT Routers that came with the FT 6000 EVK and CPM 4200 EVK only had 4 MAC Addresses assigned to them.  Starting with IzoT Router image 2.0.23 sixteen MAC addresses are provided per IzoT Router.

IzoT Router, IzoT SDK, IP-852 and RNI will use up all the MAC Addresses.

Customer should contact Support to get up to 12 additional MAC Address per IzoT Router.  


1. Customer request additional MAC Addresses

2. Add new MAC Addresses to


3. Power cycle or do a "sudo reboot".

4. Plug-in U60

5. Couple of minutes later U60 should show up in IzoT Router System and Features Web page


Workaround if the previous doesn't work.

1. Unplug the U60s.

2. Add new MAC Addresses to


3. Remove the following from "/user/lib/izot"

nid_index, lts_indices, assignedmacs

4. Power cycle, or do a "sudo reboot"

5. Wait a couple of minutes

6. plug-in U60s

7. Wait a couple of minutes for changes to show up in IzoT Route System and Features web pages.

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