Custom and Onsite Training in Control Networking for Echelon EMEA classes. (KB907)

Custom and Onsite Training in Control Networking for Echelon EMEA classes.

If your company has six or more employees seeking standard or customized LonWorks® control networks training on the same topic, let us bring it to you. You'll get the same top-notch education we offer in our own classrooms—at a much lower cost.

Save on Training Costs

Save money over our standard scheduled classes, as well as eliminate multiple student travel and hotel expenses:

  • Get a 20% single course discount / 30% multiple course discount for the first eight students (six student minimum)
  • Get a 50% single course / 60% multiple discount for any additional students
  • Pay for only the instructor's travel expense instead of multiple student travel expenses

Get More for Your Money

With custom and onsite training, you get more for your education dollars: more choice, more control, and better results.

More Choice

We can deliver to your team:

  • Any course in our curriculum
  • Any course in our curriculum customized to your organization's needs
  • A course on any LonWorks control networking topic custom-designed for your organization

More Control

It's up to you. With custom or onsite training, you get more control over:

  • Course topics and structure
  • Class location, size, and audience
  • Class schedule
  • Confidential information: With only your employees present, sensitive and proprietary issues can be addressed and used as examples during class

Better Results

More choice and control leads to better results:

  • Classes can be held when it's most convenient for your team
  • Custom-designed classes can incorporate your products and designs
  • Custom-designed classes can focus on what's relevant to your organization and industry

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