How do I activate SmartServer IP-852, or FPM licenses? (KB962)

The SmartServer "Setup System Info" factory Web page will tell you if the SmartServer has an IP-852 or FPM license.

The IP-852 license is used for IP-852 routing. The Freely Programmable Modules (FPMs) allows you to add custom C or C++ applications or drivers to the SmartServer. 

We recommend you make a backup of any IP-852 or FPM licenses that you have. The files are located in "ftp://<your_SmartServer_IP_address>/config/license".

I.  If you purchased the IP-852 or FPM license when you purchased the SmartServer then SmartServer should be licensed and you should be ready to go.

II. If you want to purchase an IP-852 or FPM license

1. you will need the SmartServer MAC ID which is available on the SmartServer "Setup System Info" Web page.

2. You can purchase either license by going to one of the two links

2.a Click the license link on the SmartServer "Setup System Info" Web page

2.b To activate EES or purchase IP-852 or FPM license

III. If you lost or overwritten the SmartServer IP-852 or FPM license

1. Get the SmartServer MAC ID from the SmartServer "Setup System Info" Web page.

2. Send an email to requesting a replacement license and include the SmartServer MAC ID.

IV.To install i.LON SmartServer IP-852 or FPM license, follow these steps:

1. Make a backup of your new license it case it gets overwritten latter on the i.LON. This happens when you copy a complete i.LON image that has another i.LON license in it.
2. Open an FTP client, such as Windows explorer and copy the license to the following directory.
2. If you don't see the license directly then create it (using all lower case) and copy the license file.
3. Reboot your SmartServer. You can either use the Reboot command on the Setup menu, or you can cycle power.
4. If you don't see a change in the i.LON Web page then you may need to refresh the web page (e.g., IE F5).

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