I can't activate the IzoT Net Server or OpenLNS Server. (KB975)

After you install IzoT Net Server or OpenLNS Server and you have IP access to the Echelon License Server, you should be able to activate the OpenLNS Server license automatically using the Echelon License Tool.  The newer version of OpenLNS Server is called IzoT Net Server.  Both IzoT Net Server and OpenLNS server use the same OpenLNS Server license.

If you don't have IP access for this PC or you have problems activating the license automatically then you may need to upgrade the Echelon License wizard or manually activate the OpenLNS Server licenses.  

Manual activation is accomplished by creating a *.elwrq file with the Echelon License Wizard, which you send to will then send you an activation response *.elwrs file which is used for activations.  

Activating the license over the phone is not practical as the Code, License ID and Signature numbers are too long to usually get correct during a phone call.  So even though the Echelon License tool supports phone activation, Echelon doesn't provide Phone activation. 

Try the Following:

1. All IzoT Net Server and OpenLNS Server license activation, returns and recovery is done using the "Start > All Programs > Echelon License Wizard > License Wizard".

2. Make sure you have the latest "Echelon License Wizard".

Go to click Software Downloads. Copy "echelon license wizard" into the Search textfield and hit the enter key.  Install the latest version.

3. Try automatic activation again using the Echelon License Wizard.

4. Try to manually activate the license using the Echelon License Wizard. 

Create a *.elwrq request file send it to

In step 1 Select "Activate product licenses" and click "Next >".  In Step 2, select "Work Offline (without connecting to Echelon)" 

Activate with *.elwrs response file:

In Echelon License Wizard Step 1, click the yellow "Show Advanced Tasks" link. Select "Process a license response file obtained from Echelon" and click "Next >".  In Step 2, browse to the *.elwrs file and click "Next >".

See "Manually Activating OpenLNS Server" in the OpenLNS Server License Guide for more details

5. If you still have an issue then open a Support Ticket at


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