Are LonMaker and LNS licenses and device credits the same thing? (KB978)

The LonMaker tool and LNS Server are separate products and have their own device credits, and have their own License Wizard and License Transfer Wizard.  LonMaker Credits are required whenever the LonMaker tool is used with a network.  LNS Device Credits are used in networks without the LonMaker tool. 

When you use the LonMaker tool you do not use LNS Device Credits, however you must have at least one LNS Device Credit to use the LonMaker tool.

If you are using LonMaker and a third party LNS application you are required to use the LonMaker tool to commission and decommission devices, and you can use either the LonMaker tool or your other LNS applications to configure, monitor, and control devices.

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