What is a PC Key (shown in license form) and why does it change? (KB980)

Each time you go into the LonMaker, LNS, LNS DDE Server or LonScanner License Wizard the software generates a PC Key.  The PC Key is a sequence of characters based on your computer hardware configuration.  The PC Key changes based on changes to your LonMaker or LNS databases (see the LonMaker or LNS user’s guide) or changes to your hard drive.  For example, if you delete a device or network database then the PC Key will be changed.

The PC Key generated when you fill out the activation or request form must match the new one generated when you get the Application Key.  If they don’t match you will not be able to use the new Application Key and you will have to request a new replacement Activation Key or replacement credits.

We recommend that you try not to use the LonMaker tool or any other LNS tool while you are waiting for the new Application Key.

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