How can I program a FT 3120 Smart Tranceiver? (KB982)

FT3120 Programming

1. Programming Information

  • System firmware can not be changed (stored in internal ROM).
  • Application firmware downloaded by 3120 programmer before soldering on board, or downloaded in-circuit (after already soldered), on either a blank or preloaded 3120 image, using NodeLoad.

2. Utilities

  2.a  NodeLoad - Comm Parameter and application firmware (*.NDL).

  • used to change application firmware

          “nodeload –dlon1 –w10 –Ltest.ndl”

  • used to change Comm Parameter

          “nodeload –dlon1 –w10 –Xtest.ndl”

  2.b NodeUtil

  • Used to check status information including device system firmware version.
  • Change Comm Parameter (Echelon use only).
  • used to change application firmware (*.NDL)

  2.c   3120 Programmers

             For 3120 programmers, the latest 3120 devices no longer uses the network to program  the application firmware, it now uses a different interface which is not affected by the Comm parameter settings.


  • Echelon 3120 Programmer (*.NEI) - non-ROHS parts
  • BP and HiLo (*.NFI) – used to program application firmware before soldering on board.

            “The flash application image file contains an EEPROM application image that is used for programming the on-chip EEPROM of a Neuron 3120E4 Chip or an FT 3120 Smart Transceiver.  It contains the same information as the EEPROM application image file for the Neuron 3120 Chip, but uses a different format because of the different programming requirements of the 3120E4 and FT 3120 chips.“  The NFI is only used for certain Echelon and Cypress 3120 chips.

  2.d LonMaker - *.XIF + *.NXE ( both provided by manufacturer) = *.APB

          *.APB generated by LonMaker, only *.APB file is downloaded into a device

  • Commission function – changes application firmware (same PID).
  • Load function (LonMaker Turbo) – changes application firmware (different PID).
  • Loadex function (LonMaker Turbo) – changes application firmware (different PID).


Note: NDL and NEI files are the same. NDL files are produced by the current Development tools.

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