What is the latest LonMaker type Integration tool (IzoT CT), Can I still use LonMaker? (KB989)

IzoT Commission Tool (IzoT CT) is our latest LonMaker type Integration Tool.

Product History: oldest to latest

    LonMaker (3.13) > LonMaker Turbo (3.24)> OpenLNS CT > IzoT CT (latest)

Current LonMaker Users:

  • LonMaker Turbo Edition is supported on Windows 7 but not Windows 10 or Windows 2016. 
  • Microsoft has discontinued Visio 2010 and this means it is not possible to add activations onto our exiting activation keys. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to activate Visio 2010. You can either provide your own copy of Visio 2010 or Visio 2003  (maybe from an older version of LonMaker), or upgrade to our latest tool Izot CT which includes Visio 2016.
  • Due to Visio 2010 discontinuation you no longer transfer LonMaker from one PC to another.

To purchase IzoT CT:

For your initial IzoT CT purchase with Visio you need to purchase the DVD.  That is, if you buy CT with Visio you will need to buy the DVD.  Once you receive the CT with Visio DVD you can buy CT with Visio using the same DVD as your first purchase.  If you purchased Visio from a third-party then you can download CT from the download link below.

IzoT CT software download: Visio is not available as a download

Differences between Integration Tools: IzoT CT is our current product:

1. IzoT CT - uses IzoT Net Server
    a. Does NOT use Device credits, you need to purchase annual service agreements (1st year included).
    b. Any OpenLNS CT PC should be upgraded to IzoT CT.
          You can install IzoT Net Server before or after installing OpenLNS CT.  
          Note the name in the documentation and application may still say OpenLNS CT.
2. OpenLNS CT -  Does NOT use Device credits, annual service agreements (1st year included).  Uses OpenLNS Server.
3. LonMaker Turbo (3.24) - Uses Device credits. Uses LNS Turbo (3.27+).
4. LonMaker (3.13) - Uses Device credits. Uses LNS (3.08)

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