Visio 2010 Pro activation failed even with new Activation instructions (KB995)

Microsoft no longer allows Visio 2010 activation.  Please consider ordering the latest IzoT CT with Visio.


This article only applies to those who purchased a product with Visio 2010 Professional.

Please confirm the following:

1. You purchased LonMaker Turbo Professional SR4 or Commission Tool (CT) Professional with Visio 2010 Professional.  

If you didn't buy a product with Visio 2010 Professional then STOP.  If it is any other version of Visio then STOP this article can't help you

2. Visio activation failed and you followed the instructions in KB946 to request the Visio 2010 PRO activation instructions.

3. You received instructions from or Echelon Support.

4. You followed the Visio 2010 PRO instructions but you still can't activate Visio.


Continue only if all four items are true.

Second Method of Activating Visio 2010 PRO:

Another way to activate Visio is to go to the Windows Control Panel "Files and Programs" or "Add/Remove programs".

Right-click "Microsoft Visio Professional 2010" and select change. Then select "Enter a product key" (the one sent to based on KB946). 


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