Which one of the SmartServer neuron IDs should I use for Router/i.LON App/internal devices? (KB998)

The SmartServer has 16 neuron IDs assigned to it, but only one shown on the SmartServer (underneath and labeled as LIUID3) and also shown on the SmartServer shipping box.

Many of the SmartServer features have a neuron ID assigned to it, thus if you have anyone of the Neuron IDs then you can typically figure out the correct neuron ID for a specific feature.  Neuron IDs are assigned to both sides of the IP-Router, i.LON App and up to ten Internal devices (typically used for FPMs)

If you use the SmartServer Service pin to add SmartServe features such as the IP-852 router, or i.LON App (internal device)  then you probably don't need to know how to figure out which feature uses which neuron ID.  If you are manually entering neuron IDs during commissioning process then knowing how to figure out which Neuron ID is important.

The Neuron IDs also show up for the specific feature Web page (Driver view)

The last digit of the 12 hex-digit Neuron ID specifies the SmartServer feature.

xxxxxxxxxxx0 - IP-852 Router (FT side) 
xxxxxxxxxxx1 - IP-852 Router (IP side) 
xxxxxxxxxxx2 - iLON App (the LUID3 ID shown on the SmartServer hardware) 
xxxxxxxxxxx4 - iLON NI  (some Integration tools automatically add to the database)

xxxxxxxxxxx6 - up to 10 SmartServer Internal Devices typically used for FPMs (note 1)


Note 1: SmartServer Internal Devices

SmartServer Internal Devices Neuron IDs can be found by going to the SmartServer Naviagation page (Driver View) for that device.  You can also have the SmartServer send the Neuron ID for the Internal Device by right-clicking the device and and selecting "Manage > Send Service Pin Message".

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