I have a CPD3000 device that has a V2 sticker on it. What does that means? (KB1015)

A Version 2 (V2) CPD3000 has a device interface that is is based on the SFPTSmartLuminaireController which is has key value of 3514.

A version 1 CPD3000 has no sticker on the product and has a device interface based on the  SFPToutdorLuminaireController with key 3512 which was was a standard derived from an Echelon UFPT with key 20001.


Besides looking to see if the product has a green V2 sticker on it, the way to tell what you have is to use Nodeutil and a powerline U20 to obtain the service pin message or communicate with teh deivce using the neuron ID on the product label  and look at the PID. If it is 80:00:01:23:0E:04:10:04:10:04 you have a Version 2 3514 Smart Luminaire device. If you have a PID which is 80:00:01:1E:00:03:11:03 you have a version 1 3512 OutdoorLuminaireController.


There are no hardware differences


Version 14.00 LonMark resource files do not contain the 3514 profile but you can get details from here where you can see nviLampValue is based on SNVT_switch_2. Again you need to look in for the definition and usage of this. If all you want to do is turn the lights on and off and dim then the usage is the same as SNVT_switch

 However Smart Server 4.06.057 or above installs 14.01 resource files that does contain the smart luminaire controller profile, as well as the apb and xif. You can then install both a V1 and V2 CPD3000. A smart server running a software version below 4.06.057 will only install a V1 CPD3000

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