How to Associate a CT License to a specific user account? (KB1023)

Commission Tool (CT) and IzoT Net Server (and OpenLNS Server) licenses can be associated to a Software Download Account so it is easy for you to manage your CT licenses.

Typically you would do this when you first install the CT software. You can also associate the CT license after installation to a Software Download account or transfer the license from one Software Download account to another.

Note only the licenses are associated to a Software Download account, not the Activation key.  This means that license for a single CT Activation key can be associated to multiple Software Download account even though a single CT Activation key can only be used by one User.

Choose one:

1. Licenses never associated to a Software Download Account before.

    A. Start the "Echelon License Wizard > License Wizard"

    B. In Step 1, select "Activate product license" and click next.

    C.  In Step 2,

        - Enter in the Software Download account username and password

        - Check the "I also have an Activation Key" checkbox and enter in the Action key. 

        - Clicking "Next >" will automatically associate the license

    D. In Step 3 (the license is already associated) so click "Cancel" and Yes.


2. License Transfer: License already associated to a Software Download Account but now you want to transfer it to a new account.  

    A.  If you have access to the PC that has the license currently activated on. Start the "Echelon License Wizard > License Wizard". and Go straight to Step E.

    B.   If you don't have access to the old PC then open a Support ticket at, mention that you want to do a license transfer and you want Support to return your license, and provide the Activation Key.

    C.   After Support return your license go to the new PC and start the "Echelon License Wizard > License Wizard"

    D.  Activate the license:

        - In step 1 select Activate.

        - In Step 2, Select "Use my Activation Key" and click Next; don't try to associate it to the Software Download Account yet.

        - In Step 3, change the license Action to Activate and click next. And click OK to change.  Click Restart to start from the beginning. 

        License is activated but not associated.

    E.  Return the license and associate it to the new Software Download account:  

        - In step 1 select Manage

        - In step 2, change the Action for each license to Return and click next

        - in step 3, select "Use my account" enter the Software Download account login and the Activation Key and check the "I also have an Activation Key" and click next.

        - In step 4, after the license has already been returned "Status" equals "Succeeded", click the Restart button. 

        The license is now associated to the Software Download account but not activated on this PC.

    G. Re-activate the License  

        i. In Step 1, select Activate and continue with the activation.

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